We support corporate executives in forming a coherent and timely strategic perspective on geopolitics, embedding geopolitics as an increasingly critical factor into corporate management, and integrating a robust assessment of geopolitical risks into corporate risk management practices.


Strategy Development

Geopolitics is transforming from a peripheral to a central factor shaping the strategic environment of companies and investors.

We approach geopolitics and strategy through the lens of corporate portfolio strategy, aligning corporate strategy with alternative geopolitical scenarios.

Risk Management

An issue ignored is a crisis invited. We help our clients identify geopolitical risk in their balance sheets and reach the resilience - efficiency frontier.

Our approach is informed by formal enterprise risk management (ERM) standards (ISO, COSO), systematically integrating geopolitics into corporate risk management processes.

Situational Awareness

In a world of geopolitical complexity, we offer clarity through consistent and integrated frameworks. We help our clients transform the perception of a diffuse geopolitical environment into a strategic perspective on geopolitical risk and opportunities.

Our services also assist supervisory and executive board members in fulfilling their fiduciary duties, meeting legal obligations and stakeholder expectations.

All consequences of geopolitics are always context specific.