Our products cover the entire spectrum of global macro risk management and strategy development, as well as governance, capacity building and process management.


We believe that it is essential to locate an organization on the geoeconomic map and integrate geoeconomic analysis into strategic planning processes. Identifying the balance between resilience and efficiency in an age of geopolitical transition, and deciding where to play in an increasingly competitive geopolitical environment, is today's preeminent strategic challenge. 

Competitive Analysis

Generic geoeconomic outcomes and the way in which governments intervene in global markets can have serious repercussions for the shape of the competitive environment in which companies operate. Our competitive analysis work supports companies identifying and responding to the geopolitical forces that shift the playing field.

Stress Testing

Geopolitical outcomes can  compromise strategic objectives,  financial performance or any of the many other parameters important to an organization's success. Based on carefully developed scenarios, we work with organizations to determine their sensitivity to geopolitical outcomes.

Leadership and Governance

We help corporate and public leaders to adjust their organizations to the challenges posed by a shifting geopolitical tableau. This includes identifying an organization's geopolitical risk tolerance, defining its risk appetite, building its risk management capabilities, and not least blending geopolitical risk awareness into an organization's culture.

Geoeconomics and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Geoeconomics is a systemic driver of conventional corporate risk categories, such as operational, legal and regulatory, financial or reputational risk. As such we work with corporate risk managers to integrate geopolitics more consistently into existing ERM processes.

Corporate & Public Affairs

The role of corporate public affairs & policy functions is in the process of profound change. With politics dominating an ever growing segment of a commercial entity's business environment, corporate public affairs & policy functions must assume a corresponding strategic role. We support them in anchoring their work in sound geoeconomic analysis.