GeoEconomica is a research provider and consulting firm at the intersection of
geopolitics and economics.

Coming soon: the Swiss GeoEconomic Monitor

The forces of geoeconomics are having a growing impact on the Swiss economy, its markets and its business community. The Swiss GeoEconomic Monitor covers the most relevant trends and developments at the intersection between geopolitics and economics, and as such is an essential instrument for executives in Switzerland, navigating a more volatile geoeconomic environment.

Coming soon: the Geoeconomic Risk Metrics (GRM) - Corporate

It's time to get serious about systematically integrating geoeconomic risk analysis into corporate decision making and strategy development. Together with our partners we are currently developing an instrument that allows corporate managers to systematically identify geopolitical risks to the success of their companies, assess their potential consequences, deploy effective risk management instruments, and on that basis build out their competitiveness.