GeoEconomica is a political risk research and advisory firm. It deals with the consequences of political and regulatory trends and events for corporate strategy and financial markets.


Resilience is the new "fast" for companies

To maintain resilience now and in the future is the new "fast" for companies. As the global corporate community works through the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, it is essential to rethink what makes a company successful not only when times are good, but when it has to operate in unchartered territory. By now it's clear that the concepts of resilience and risk management may no longer be relegated to the periphery of corporate strategy and decision making. They have to be right at the center.

Sovereign wealth funds and the economic fall-out from the Covid 19 crisis

When most governments have to sell debt to buffer against the ecocomic impact of the Covid 19 crisis, a few are in the priviledged position to tap into the assets they have accumulated in their sovereign wealth funds. "When it rains it pours" so a saying goes. Originally designed as "rainy day" funds, SWFs, one way or another, represent essential instruments for governments to support the sovereign balance sheet.

Macro risk preparedness in the global aviation industry

The ability of the global aviation industry to anticipate a pandemic risk event before the Covid 19 crisis was very limited. Our analysis of the industry's risk reporting practices indicates that only a few select players had such an event on their radar screens. An industry that is so dependent on open borders and people willing to go out and travel has to improve its performance.