GeoEconomica is a political risk research and advisory firm. It deals with the consequences of political and regulatory trends and events for corporate strategy and financial markets.

GeoEconomica services the wider international financial and corporate communities by distributing analyses on relevant policy developments through two platforms.

Thomson Reuters’ real-time and embargoed research collections via products such as Thomson ONE and Thomson Reuters Eikon.
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S&P Capital IQ’s real-time and aftermarket research collections via the S&P Capital IQ platform for buy side and sell side clients. 
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Dealing with Political Risk

Geopolitical risks travel much more easily across the international system and into the global economy. A shifting geopolitical scene will have immediate consequences for corporates and investors. It is therefore vital for investors and corporate strategists to anticipate the outcomes produced by the policy arenas that are relevant to them. In so doing, we believe it is essential to keep a few points in mind.

Getting a Better Handle on Global Risks

The apparent rise of complexity in the global system and the more immediate consequences of risks emerging from it will have a profound impact on sovereign asset owners and their managers, as well as a myriad of other market participants in the public and private space. We propose a four-step process that helps global market participants to get a better handle on global risks.

Sovereign Wealth Funds: Fiscal Buffers against the Deterioration of Oil Prices?

The drop in the price of oil to just above US$60/barrel in early 2015 has triggered a debate about the resilience of oil economies against an oil price decline shock. What is the role of sovereign wealth funds and government reserves in providing adequate buffers against declining revenues of global oil and gas exporters?